Grant may help Ky. department form new ladder company

OWENSBORO, Ky. (Dec. 20, 2017) — As the Owensboro Fire Department continues its efforts to build a new ladder company amid the city’s burgeoning eastside development, a new federal grant has been identified that could help cover some of the costs needed to start it, according to the website

During budget discussions, fire officials asked the city commission to prepare for additional expenditures needed to ensure that OFD could meet National Fire Protection Association Standards.

Owensboro Fire Chief Steve Mitchell said he would need six additional fire fighters and a new ladder truck as early as next year, at an approximate starting cost (including salaries and benefits) of $1.1 million and $360,000 in subsequent years. The truck was bid and let for $762,000, a price that will be reflected in the upcoming fiscal year budget. But, in part, tax increases the commission approved over the summer were needed to help cover the cost of the salaries. For more on this story, please go to