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Lexington Fire Department issues warning: stay off frozen lakes and ponds

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Jan. 16, 2018) – The Lexington Fire Department is seeing an increase in residents out on frozen lakes and ponds and warns this could be fatal.

Freezing temperatures in Lexington have caused many neighborhood ponds as well as other bodies of water to freeze. And while it may be tempting to walk, play or skate on frozen water, the ice can easily break and put you in a dangerous situation quickly.

“We can’t emphasis enough how dangerous it is to play or even walk on frozen bodies of water,” said Lt. Jessica Bowman. “There is no way to judge the thickness of the ice on eyesight alone and what appears to be thick enough to walk on could become thinner very quickly and break. The temperature of the water is cold enough to take your breath away, which could lead to panic and drowning.”

The Lexington Fire Department offers additional safety advice and tips:

· Everyone is at risk but especially younger children who are attracted to the ice. Adults should set a good example by staying off the ice themselves.
· Over 50 percent of ice related drownings involved an attempted rescue of another person or a dog.
· Stay off the ice if you are trying to help. Instead, shout for assistance or call 911. Try and reach them from the bank using a rope, pole, tree branch or clothing tied together.
· Dog owners should be careful around frozen water and not throw sticks or balls onto the ice.
· As temperatures rise and fall, the ice will thaw and refreeze. The process of thawing and refreezing makes the ice more prone to cracking.
· If you do fall through ice, keep calm and call for help.
· If the ice is strong enough, kick your legs and slide onto the ice. Lie flat and pull yourself to the bank. If the ice is very thin, break it in front of you and make your way to the shore.