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Beckfield College launches three-year BSN nursing program


FLORENCE, Ky. – Beckfield College has launched a fast track Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) that allows students to receive their BSN degree in three years instead of the typical four-year program offered by most local colleges and universities.

Beckfield gathered and reviewed demographic and workforce information and research in making the decision to offer the three-year BSN program at is Florence, Ky. campus.

“As the population ages, the need for healthcare increases, and so does the demand for educated and skilled nurses,” said Diane Wolfer, president and CFO of Beckfield College. “Beckfield has recognized the need by establishing a three-year BSN program that not only provides more nurses, which are very much in demand, but also allows students to more quickly complete their education and begin their careers in nursing.”

The three-year prelicensure BSN program will prepare professional nurses with clinical knowledge, technological expertise, and critical thinking abilities required for safe practice in today’s healthcare field, said Beckfield College Dean of Nursing Dr. Deborah Smith-Clay, PhD, MSN, RN.

In response to the high number of natural and other disasters that society continually must cope with, the program will include a disaster management in nursing course.

“The disaster management course focuses on the preparation for, response to, and management of the array of natural and man-made disasters or emergencies that may occur at various levels of society,” Dr. Smith-Clay said. “The role of the nurse in a variety of situations, agencies and levels of government will be explored. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the need for well-coordinated responses in the management of ongoing issues as emergencies and disasters evolve.”

Salary and career prospects for nurses are strong in the region.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), registered nurses working in Northern Kentucky have an annual mean wage of $71,000. In the broader Cincinnati-Middletown, Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Metropolitan Statistical Area, the annual wages of RNs varied from $51,189 for entry-level RNs with no experience to $71,366 for fully experienced RNs.

Demand for registered nurses in Kentucky is high.

The Institute of Medicine has recommended that 80 percent of the nursing workforce have a BSN degree by 2020. However, the BLS reports that only 33 percent of registered nurses in Kentucky hold a BSN degree.

“In the Northern Kentucky/Greater-Cincinnati Region, there are 27 hospitals and approximately 124 long-term care facilities, most of which have career opportunities for registered nurses,” Dr. Smith-Clay said. “We expect that the local employment prospects will closely mimic the national trends, with continuing increase in demand for registered nurses.”

Dr. Smith-Clay expects that the program will be mostly populated by students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and fulfill an important social mission of improving access to nursing education for the nontraditional student population.

“The nontraditional student population is diverse and growing,”Dr. Smith-Clay said. “This population is comprised of individuals who are identified as adult-learners, returning or re-entry students, veterans, who work full time while enrolled, and who have dependents. This demographic population is not normally served by traditional colleges.”

Beckfield College is a degree granting institution of higher learning dedicated to preparing learners for relevant professional, technical, and business careers in a diverse, ethical, student-centered environment. Academics are offered at campuses in Florence, Ky. and Tri-County-Cincinnati, and online. Programs vary by location. Beckfield College has been offering academic excellence for more than 30 years.

Beckfield College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). The Florence, Ky. campus is licensed by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. The Tri-County Cincinnati campus is approved by the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools. Beckfield College is also authorized by The Indiana Board for Proprietary Education.

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