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Louisville’s LOX Features Lox Cured In-House

LOXRYE, the well-traveled restaurant in Louisville’s bustling NuLu district, recently opened LOX, a concept within a concept.

Owners Thor Morgan and Doug Petry both have ties to New York, so when trying to come up with a new lunch concept with chef Zach Chancey, they hit on the idea for a menu that features a few traditional Jewish deli items, which are pretty standard fare in New York but rare down south.

“That kind of food is kind of a favorite around here,” Chancey said.

The lox is cured in-house; salmon is brined for three or four days in salt and sugar, along with some select spices. The final product is refreshing, salty meat that can be eaten by itself, on a sandwich, or with various sides.

One of the main menu items is a salmon bagel with cream cheese, red onion, capers and fresh dill. There’s also lox paired with eggs, along with other, more standard lunch fare for those not ready to take on the cured salmon.

Morgan said, “We envision LOX as a go-to destination for Louisville’s lunch crowd.”

—Kevin Gibson