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NKU announces partnership with Kenton County Schools

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HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. (Jan. 31, 2018) – Northern Kentucky University’s College of Education and Human Services and Kenton County Schools have partnered to create a new Teaching and Learning Career Pathway. This new program is designed for students wanting to become an educator and will provide opportunities to identify potential future educators.

The pathway is designed to provide a balance of scholarly and clinical experiences, create authentic experiences that engage students in effective practices, engage rising educators as participants in the statewide community and learn the skills of effective educators.

“To be co-teaching in the high school classroom and working intimately with students, teachers and administrators is a wonderful experience,” said Dr. Sara Runge, NKU lead coordinator for the program. “We’re giving these students an early experience with the unique culture and course offerings of our teacher education program. We’re offering them a head start on a career path that will bring them back to their own school districts to teach. This a true ‘grow your own’ program that can provide teachers for this region for years to come.”

“This program allows students to gain a new perspective on education as a career.  Typically, students are introduced to careers in education by simply attending school.  This partnership allows students to actually have a taste of the profession by being an active member in a classroom that is not their own, while also gaining college credit,” said Dr. Julie Whitis, Kenton County Academies of Innovation and Technology principal. “We are hoping this will help encourage students to want to pursue a career in education for all the right reasons.  The greatest part is that this allows us to grow our own teachers.  We are encouraging the scholars in this program to return to Kenton County after college graduation to make a difference in our schools.”

Along with NKU, Kentucky State University, Murray State University, and University of Louisville are participating in the piloted program in their local districts for the 2017-2018 school year.