Bill to align state childcare services and workforce issues introduced

David Meade
David Meade

House Majority Caucus Chairman David Meade filed legislation on Thursday that seeks to align childcare services offered in the state with education and workforce. 

House Bill 342 would move the administration of childcare services to the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet where it would be housed in the Office for Early Childhood Education.

Meade believes that access to high-quality childcare is an education and workforce issue.

“This reorganization will allow Kentucky to look at childcare as a way to strengthen early childhood education efforts and empower more people to enter the workforce,” Meade said.

Introduction of HB 342 follows a fall symposium hosted by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. The event, Workforce of Today, Workforce of Tomorrow,  highlighted the economic impact of accessible high-quality childcare in Kentucky and across the nation.

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