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The Lexington School receives $6.8 million toward building project

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 11.06.31 AMLEXINGTON, Ky. (April 3, 2018) — The Lexington School announced today it has received almost $7 million to launch a campaign that will fund a series of expansion and renovation projects, ensuring the school’s continued success far into the 21st century.

The school’s board of trustees formally announced a $10 million capital campaign, known as “The ONE School Project,” at an event Tuesday night. Nearly 100 parents, teachers and board members attended to learn more about the exciting array of campus improvements that will positively impact all students at The Lexington School.

Since 2004, The Lexington School has changed dramatically. The founding of The Learning Center, a nationally-acclaimed school within a school for students with language-based learning differences, and the addition of preschool and co-curricular programs have increased the school’s enrollment by more than 100 students to a robust 600-member community of bright and busy learners.

“What excites me is that the school is full, The Learning Center has exceeded our dreams, and this project allows us to get the space to accommodate past and future growth,” says Chris Young, board president.

Capital improvements are needed to connect children and programs, to meet the innovative demands of 21st century teaching and learning, and to provide space for enrollment growth. Projects will include an Academic Center, a physical centerpiece to the ONE School Project to house a cutting-edge library with space for innovation, Specials classes, Resource Room for academic support, and additional Learning Center classrooms that will bring all age peers together at last.

“To date, The Learning Center has impacted far more students than we ever could have imagined when we started the program,” said Jane Childers, director of The Learning Center. “One of the things that’s so attractive to the students coming to the program and their parents is the fact that the students are a part of The Lexington School.”

The Middle School will see a full renovation that connects student leaders to 21st century learning by providing physical identity, flexible academic spaces, and the ability to grow in enrollment. Connected to the middle school project is a focus on outdoor spaces, new middle school gathering spaces, improved athletic fields, and a Colts Clubhouse athletic facility to house restrooms, concessions, and a flexible space for classes and team meetings.

“Lexington School teachers learn every day alongside our students. We want our students to lead, and that means we change as the world changes,” says Becky Johnson, teacher and director of professional development.

The ONE School Project also includes kitchen and dining hall expansion, a restructuring and renovation of all preschool classrooms, and a new preschool playground.

Chuck Baldecchi, head of school, said, “The Lexington School to me is about community, and what’s remarkable about this ONE School Project is its focus on bringing us together. And the beauty of the project is there is something in it for every single student at The Lexington School.”

Rooted in the mission and philosophy of The Lexington School that reaches deep into tradition and success, this creative, innovative, and student-centered place allows children to stretch, to rise both literally and figuratively, and to reach a potential they might never discover if not for The Lexington School experience.

Leaders never stand still, and the ONE School Project allows The Lexington School to branch out again, draw upon its connections, and stretch to its celebrated potential.