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Boy Scouts event offers chance to rappell from ‘big blue building’

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Aug. 20, 2012) — The Blue Grass Council of Boy Scouts of America is preparing to ‘Brave the Blue’ and go over the edge as a headline-grabbing fundraiser for local Scouts on Thursday, Oct. 25 at the Lexington Financial Center. Registration is now open at www.bravetheblue.com.

On Oct. 25, rappellers (known as “Edgers”) can take the extreme challenge to rappel from 31 stories above downtown Lexington. People aged 18 to 86 have rappelled skyscrapers throughout North America through Over the Edge USA. Even CEOs and official mascots have been part of the fun. Of course, the best part about the event is that the funds raised will go directly towards charitable endeavors, supporting local Scouting programs.

Over the Edge provides professionals that not only teach and guide novices how to rappel, but also ensure that Over the Edge’s perfect safety record, since its inception in 2003, stays intact.

Courageous souls wishing to ‘Brave the Blue’ are required to raise a minimum $1,000 in pledges to show their family, friends and business associates how simple it is to rappel 31 stories.

Space is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.

All proceeds from the ‘Brave the Blue’ benefit the Blue Grass Council, Boy Scouts of America.