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Louisville Water receives excellent grades for water quality

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Throughout April, May and June, Louisville Water Company customers will receive information on the quality of their drinking water after Louisville Water met the strict health requirements established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the community’s drinking water has excellent water quality.

The EPA requires public water suppliers to prepare an annual water quality report that describes the source and quality of the community’s drinking water. Louisville Water scientists perform an average of 200 water quality tests daily to ensure quality. Even though we have grown in the 159 years we have been in business, (Louisville Water started in 1860 with 512 customers), we have had a stellar record with the quality of the water that flows at the tap, and the 2018 test results are no exception.

Like last year, a web link to the report appears in the message center of a customer’s bill.  Customers can simply visit the link, LouisvilleWater.com/WaterQualityReport, to see the full report. Customers can also visit the link LouisvilleWater.com/RequestWQReport or call our customer service center to request a paper copy of the report.

The report highlights Louisville Water’s 2018 test results for EPA regulated substances at the treatment plants, within the distribution system, and at select customers’ taps. The EPA also asked water utilities to monitor for pollutants in the water that the EPA doesn’t have a standard for, and that data is also included in this year’s report. These pollutants don’t have a standard yet, but the EPA will use these results, and those from utilities from around the country, to see if one is needed.

The nearly one million customers in our service area have high-quality drinking water at their tap because of the hundreds of dedicated employees at Louisville Water. It’s an around the clock job that requires dedication and know-how. This report shows that we produce some of the best water in the country.