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Xerox retires the ACS name; company has 5,000 Kentucky employees

(Photo shows the sign being changed at ACS’ Yorkshire Drive location in Lexington, Ky. The company is among Kentucky’s largest employers with around 5,000 workers, including some 3,000 in Lexington.)

Xerox Retires the ACS handle: a Texas name rides into the sunset

From a blog post by Christa Carone, CMO, Xerox Corp.

Jan 25, 2012 – At Xerox, we tend to walk the walk.

If you do business with us, you likely hear us talk about how we can simplify your business. We aim to make our clients’ lives easier by streamlining things they do behind the scenes – like processing credit card applications and insurance claims, converting paper files to digital, managing payment systems, staffing call centers, printing millions of documents and handling millions of transactions (even those E-Z Pass ones). And lots more.

We simply strive to make business life easier.

A couple of years ago, we acquired Affiliated Computer Services, or ACS, to broaden our business. While we were talking to our clients about transforming their operations, we didn’t hesitate to take the bold step to transform ours by deepening our expertise in the business process and information technology services world.

Headquartered in Dallas, ACS was this big company with a quiet presence. We turned up the volume. During our transformation, we learned that the Xerox brand, known around the world, is a great asset for ACS. We increasingly see the value of going to market as one Xerox, one voice, demonstrating to clients that our services-led, technology-driven strategy offers value through the very strength of our brand.

So, we took another step today. We’re retiring the ACS name. It won’t happen overnight but it also won’t happen over too much time. We’re moving on it.

It will now be simpler for our clients to refer to us and to understand what we can do for their business. It will be simpler for them to understand that we provide business process outsourcing services. It will be simpler for them to understand that we offer information technology outsourcing services. And it will be very easy for them to understand that we also do document management.

Because now, we’re simply known as Xerox.