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Think Electric Auto Plant to Create 400 New Jobs in Elkhart

By wmadministrator

THINK plans to begin production of its all-electric City car in the United States in early 2011.

Norwegian electric car manufacturer THINK has announced plans to locate its North American production facility in Elkhart, Ind., creating more than 400 jobs by 2013.

THINK is scheduled to begin selling the THINK City, one of the world’s first highway-ready electric vehicles, in the United States later this year.

The company plans to invest more than $43 million in equipment and building improvements at an existing Elkhart assembly plant and expects to begin assembling vehicles in early 2011. THINK’s investments in Elkhart will support manufacturing capacity for more than 20,000 vehicles a year.

The company recently started delivering the latest generation of its THINK City model to customers in Europe, where it has more than 1,500 cars on the road.
According to information released by the company, the THINK City can travel at highway speed for more than 100 miles on a single battery charge with zero tailpipe emissions.