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ELPO Law and McBrayer join Meritas network

KENTUCKY — English, Lucas, Priest & Owsley (ELPO Law), Bowling Green, and McBrayer, with offices in Lexington and Louisville, jointly announce they have joined the Meritas international alliance of independent business law firms and will provide seamless global legal services to companies throughout Kentucky. As part of Meritas, the firms can tap into more than 7,500 lawyers at 259 law firms in 97 countries to provide customized legal services to clients wanting to do business globally. The Kentucky firms also have access to expanded global expertise in such specialty legal areas as intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, employment, tax, and trade.

“Companies in our market are increasingly diverse and global, which brings complex legal issues and opportunities to the forefront,” said James Frazier, III, managing member of McBrayer. “To provide the best possible service to our clients, we’re now expanding our representation to include 259 markets throughout the world.”

“Cross-border legal representation on a global scale is vital to the success of our clients,” said Bob Young, managing partner of ELPO Law. “Through Meritas, we are able to offer our clients in-depth knowledge of cultural and jurisdictional issues in all major markets around the world and throughout the U.S. Meritas offers us peace of mind that our clients’ legal needs will be met with the same commitment to quality, professionalism and value on which we pride ourselves.”

ELPO Law and McBrayer had to meet the rigorous requirements to become members of Meritas, the only law firm alliance with a Quality Assurance Program that ensures clients receive the same high-quality legal work and service from every Meritas firm. Meritas membership is extended by invitation only, and firms are regularly assessed for the breadth of their practice expertise and client satisfaction.

“Independent law firms and companies work with Meritas to increase effectiveness and efficiency,” said Tanna Moore, president and CEO of Meritas. “In-house counsel and business owners want to establish trusted legal relationships in markets they want to navigate. For 30 years, Meritas has cultivated a group of the best firms for this purpose.”