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Kentucky Public Libraries in jeopardy of losing state funding

Kentucky Public Libraries

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Kentucky Public Libraries have received word that the State Legislature is currently considering a budget that does not include state aid to public libraries. If such a budget is passed, the move could lead to reduced hours of library operations or cause some smaller library systems to close entirely.

“Lexington Public Library receives minimal support from the state, yet this reduction would limit the organization’s ability to maintain the high standards of excellence that the community deserves,” said executive director Heather Dieffenbach. “LPL does not have a way to raise revenue since we are not a special-taxing district (known as an “SPGE”).  We depend on this funding for a variety of things such as facility maintenance, community outreach, early education, and many other services upon which our neighbors and friends rely.”

Though the Lexington Public Library branches are closed until April 6th, the organization continues to offer countless services online through the LPL Virtual Library, including online classes, eBooks, and children’s reading programs such as Book Flix.

“As a global community, we are all navigating these uncertain times and unchartered waters together,” said Dieffenbach. “The public library system is a crucial part of our nation’s infrastructure and continuing to invest in this vital institution is an absolute must to keep it a vital and relevant resource now and for generations to come.”