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Staying ahead of the curve in Norton Healthcare’s COVID-19 command center

Norton Healthcare

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Within the walls of Norton Healthcare’s five hospitals, an army of health care heroes works the front line in the battle against COVID-19. That army has an army of its own. About 50 people make up Norton Healthcare’s COVID-19 Clinical Command Center.

The command center operates 24/7, serving as a central hub for all things COVID-19. It provides direct support to those on the frontline.

A team of about 20 nurses are on phones, communicating with employees about their own health. These providers handle hundreds of calls with employees each day. Those conversations consist of both incoming calls and outgoing calls, in which providers check-in on employees who aren’t feeling well and are on paid furlough while they recover. Many health care workers are caring for patients with the coronavirus, and the command center’s mission is to keep them healthy.

“Our employees have questions and concerns about COVID-19 as it relates to their own health,” said Mindy Scott, employee health manager at Norton Healthcare. “The Employee Health help line coordinates between the sick employees and well employees to determine if they’ve been exposed. Once we understand their risk level, we work directly with our providers to determine next steps.”

Norton Healthcare’s top infectious disease specialists are available in the Clinical Command Center to study COVID-19 cases, monitor trends and provide important instructions.

“We look at how we can use the data we have currently to try to predict what’s going to happen so that we have a proactive approach, and are thinking ahead about what’s to come with COVID-19,” said Amer Beharic, clinical effectiveness director for Norton Healthcare. That includes monitoring supplies, which has been an important focus for hospitals across the globe.

“At Norton Healthcare, we have some of the greatest supply chain management leaders. They’re proactive in saying, ‘If we have a shortage in a certain supply, how do we identify some different resources for us to either tap into — or internally start creating processes where we’re conserving?’” Amer said.

Those processes, among many more, are created within the Clinical Command Center. It’s the glue holding together Norton Healthcare’s army of heroes in this fight against COVID-19.