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Elder Law Guidance offers free educational webinar series

RICHMOND, Ky. — Elder Law Guidance, The Elder Law Practice of Scott E. Collins, PLLC, is offering free online educational webinars through its website, www.elderlawguidance.com, to assist Kentuckians in estate planning basics, learning more about Medicaid standards and how to file for the VA Wartime Pension.

“Making the decision to see a lawyer is hard to do,” said Scott Collins, firm owner. “Whether it is fear of the cost, or the intimidation of the legal system, or just the notion that we should know these things and we are a tinge embarrassed to ask others. These online video events allow you to get help in your search for answers.”

Collins has developed the series of webinars along with weekly question-and-answer events to help families understand more about age-related financial issues. The current COVID-19 pandemic spurred him toward offering them for free and online in the hopes that Kentuckians could arm themselves with critical documents necessary for healthcare-related issues.

Each webinar is broken down into smaller sessions that take less time to watch than an episode of Wheel of Fortune. Participants receive access to the webinars upon registration.

The first webinar is about Estate Planning Basics. It offers a simple downloadable workbook, and upon completion, participants will be ready to create their will, power of attorney and living will advance directive.

The second webinar is entitled “Medicaid Income and Asset Standards for Long-term Care.” Medicaid assistance for long-term healthcare and nursing home expenses is complicated, intricate, and if not managed correctly, will leave people penniless and without options.

The third webinar addresses the VA Wartime Pension available to veterans and their surviving spouses to assist with in-home caregiving, assisted living costs, and other future age-related expenses. Fewer than 7% of all eligible veterans take advantage of this program, even though it can provide up to $27,195.00 of additional yearly income to assist with care.

“I hope these webinars will help people take the first steps to plan for their future, and that they will see an attorney specializing in elder law like me to help them preserve their estate and legacy and protect themselves from the formidable costs of long-term healthcare,” said Collins.

Elder Law Guidance, The Elder Law Practice of Scott E. Collins, PLLC, in Richmond focuses exclusively on elder law and is committed to protecting families from the loss of everything they own to the extreme cost of long-term healthcare. Visit www.elderlawguidance.com to register for these webinars, or call (859) 684-5333 for a free consultation.