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Office space company to offer virtual schooling alternative

Base110 expanding member offerings to include an educational hub option

LEXINGTON, Ky. — When Fayette County Public Schools announced a virtual start to the fall semester, parents and businesses realized they needed to figure out how to balance working remotely and homeschooling their kids. For entrepreneurs and small businesses, this presents a particularly challenging situation.

Base110, a cowork, office and event space in downtown Lexington, began to brainstorm a solution to this challenge. Their solution: baseEDU, a new membership benefit that offers an educational hub in the same building as the parent’s workspace. Base110 has adapted a portion of its meeting and office space at 110 West Vine Street into safe, socially-distanced and clean spaces for virtual learning.

After talking with key community members and local education leaders, Base110 added baseEDU to its roster of membership options.

“We have seen the struggle our community has been facing during the pandemic,” said Base110 Community Manager Meredith Moore. “As an entrepreneur, you don’t have the safety net of a larger company to provide health care, child care or have the support of other employees: you do it all. That has been especially challenging during COVID because members who rely on school and child care haven’t had that as an option. We realized we had an opportunity to use our space, technology and infrastructure to adapt quickly and provide an alternative option.”

With baseEDU, you can select one of Base110’s flexible membership options to have private office space and access to the educational hub for your child. Within baseEDU, students will be given safe, clean and socially-distanced hubs to work from while being supervised and supported by education facilitators.

“This is not replacing FCPS or the online NTI format, this is a resource to support the parents and students, so everyone wins,” said Base110 co-founder Tim Guthrie.

Base110 already offers amenities like high-speed internet with a membership so the IT infrastructure is already there. The 1,400 s.f. event space is one of the spaces being converted into the baseEDU hub. “We already have the space and flexibility to make this happen. We’ve also been building out moveable wall structures to help break up our spaces and provide more flexibility and separation for the students,” said Base110 co-founder Randall Stevens.

Base110 is a cowork, private office and meeting space in downtown Lexington. It was founded by Randall Stevens and Tim Guthrie in 2017. It has rapidly expanded each year and now has 21,500 s.f. at its location. Filled with entrepreneurs, creatives and people in tech, it is a hub that brings the community together through networking, resources and collaboration.

To learn more about baseEDU or to apply to the program, visit https://www.base110.com/baseedu and complete the request for information form.