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KYTC awarded $9.3 million in single bid contracts in January

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet awarded $9,331,752 in single bid contracts during the January bid letting to Kentucky’s highway industry. Of the 18 single bid awards, sixteen exceeded the cabinet’s engineer’s estimate. KYTC also rejected 5 single bid attempts by the state’s road contractors.

Hinkle Contracting was the big winner in January’s single bid game. Hinkle secured nine single bids, totaling $3,781,203. Their combined bids exceeded the engineer’s estimates by $221,315.

Mountain Enterprises was awarded three single bid projects from the latest bid letting. Those awards totaled $1,394,878 and exceeded the cabinet’s internal estimates by an average of 4.8%.

The Allen Company secured the largest single bid award with a $1,547,038 project in Madison County. That bid exceeded the engineer’s estimate by $111,019.31. The Allen Co. won a second single bid contract with a $581,562 offer for a US 150 project in Boyle County, bringing their single bid haul for the month to $2,128,600.

Mago Construction won two single bid opportunities. One of those, however, came in under the cabinet’s estimate. Mago’s other single bid contract was a $521,134 offer for a KY 200 project in Wayne County.

This link provides a complete list of single bid offers and awards from January.