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Amazon says its delivery station in Lexington will create hundreds of jobs

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Amazon Logistics today announced plans to expand its investment in Kentucky by opening a new delivery station in Lexington in 2021 at the Lexmark facilities complex along Newtown Pike at New Circle Road.

The facility will increase the efficiency of Amazon’s last-mile delivery capabilities to customers in Lexington. It station will create hundreds of full- and part-time jobs, paying a starting wage of $15 per hour and offering a variety of benefits from day one, according to an email from a company spokesperson.

The new Amazon delivery station will be designed to meet the needs of our electric delivery vehicles. Ranging from the physical layout to the electrical design, we are optimizing these spaces to offer flexibility and scale as we move closer toward putting 10,000 electric delivery vehicles on the road in 2022.

Delivery stations power the last mile of Amazon’s order fulfillment process. Packages are transported to delivery stations from Amazon fulfillment and sortation centers, and then loaded into vehicles for delivery to customers. Amazon Logistics’ new delivery station will join the state’s two existing delivery stations. Amazon has more than 250 delivery stations in the U.S.

Delivery stations also offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to build their own business delivering Amazon packages, as well as independent contractors the flexibility to be their own boss and create their own schedule delivering for Amazon Flex. To learn more, visit www.logistics.amazon.com and https://flex.amazon.com/.

“We are excited to partner with Amazon to expand its footprint in Lexington,” said Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton. “By generating good paying jobs and utilizing infill development, this last-mile delivery station brings new opportunities to our community on the north side of town.”

“We’re excited to expand our investment in the state of Kentucky with the addition of a new delivery station in Lexington,” said Andre Woodson, Amazon spokesperson. “This new delivery station will provide fast and efficient delivery for customers and create hundreds of job opportunities for the talented local workforce. We expect the site to open in 2021.”

Since 2010, Amazon has created more than 18,000 full- and part-time jobs in Kentucky and invested more than $15 billion across the state, including infrastructure and compensation. These investments have contributed an additional $12.9 billion to the Kentucky economy and have helped create more than 23,000 indirect jobs on top of Amazon’s direct hires – from jobs in construction and logistics to professional services.

In addition, more than 16,000 independent authors and small and medium businesses in Kentucky are selling to customers in Amazon’s store, creating thousands of additional jobs across the state.

Gorton explains the Amazon project in the video below:

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