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Lexington church, school pair up for shoe donations to African orphans

Lexington Christian Academy and Immanuel Baptist Church supporting children in Africa through new effort

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Lexington Christian Academy (LCA) and Immanuel Baptist Church (IBC) announced today a collaborative effort to support Soles for Jesus (SFJ), an international nonprofit agency dedicated to sharing charitably distributing shoes to the under-served people in sub-Saharan Africa.

LCA will be collecting new and gently used shoes from families of elementary students at its IBC Campus on Friday, May 7, and IBC will be receiving them from parishioners on Sunday, May 9. The pairing is thought to be the first of its kind in Kentucky.

In a practical sense, we need shoes to keep our feet healthy. It is very easy to get diseases like tetanus if you are walking barefoot in rustic conditions, not to mention even more common things like infections.

In the sub-Saharan region that SFJ is serving, it is estimated over 20 million orphaned children are without shoes. The number of orphans in Africa that need shoes is astounding. Additionally, many serious health conditions start with the feet; cracks, cuts, and injuries are almost never treated and can lead to serious infections, amputations, and even death.

Shoes play an important role for children wishing to go to school and adults wanting to gain employment. By providing shoes to children and adults who have none, many can move forward in their educational and economic pursuits. Being shoeless should not keep someone from learning and earning income.

“Donating shoes for vulnerable children fulfills such a basic need and allows us as the body of Christ to serve others in a tangible and practical way,” said LCA Head of School Dr. Scott Wells. “We are grateful to be part of this initiative.”

Along with collecting shoes, LCA and IBC will assist SFJ by asking for an additional $2 for each pair of shoes donated, the approximate cost to ship a pair of shoes to Africa.

“So often, we can take for granted the most simple luxuries,” said Lead Pastor for Immanuel Ray Green. “Soles for Jesus allows us a moment to reflect on our blessings and help love.”

For more information on the Soles for Jesus Initiative, contact LCA’s IBC Campus Spiritual Life Director Zac Barnhart at (859) 457-6043 or [email protected]