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Tempur Sealy to help fund new pediatric sleep center at Kentucky Children’s Hospital

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The Tempur Sealy Foundation pledged a gift of $2 million to support a pediatric sleep center at Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

“There is an unequivocal connection between sleeping and a child’s emotional, physical and mental development,” said Dr. Scottie B. Day, physician-in-chief at Kentucky Children’s Hospital. “Children who are affected by a sleep disorder are more susceptible to long-term health problems.”

Children with sleep disorders do poorly in school, are more likely to be obese, more likely to have behavioral issues and also are at a higher risk for depression and self-harm.

In Kentucky, only three sleep centers accept children as patients. The sleep center at UK HealthCare is better suited for adults and cannot accept children younger than 18 months or those with complex health problems. With the demand from both adult and pediatric patients, wait times for appointments can be as long as eight weeks.

In order to address these challenges, the new Tempur Sealy Pediatric Sleep Center will operate six nights a week and be staffed by pediatric sleep experts. It will address the increase in demand for pediatric sleep services and reduce wait time for appointments to about 14 days.

Tempur Sealy Chairman and CEO Scott Thompson commented, “As a global leader in sleep-related products and the world’s largest mattress manufacturer, we know very well how important a good night of sleep is to overall health and wellness. Our organization is passionate about supporting our communities, particularly children in need. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with the University of Kentucky by contributing to the establishment of this new state-of-the-art pediatric sleep center.”

Located in UK HealthCare’s Chandler Hospital adjacent to the pediatric sedation and procedure unit, the center’s features will include:

  • Four patient care rooms that also serve as exam space for patient appointments by day and sleep labs by night.
  • Sleep monitoring equipment calibrated specifically for pediatric patients in each room.
  • Rooms designed to be comfortable and child-friendly with a private bathroom and space for a parent to stay overnight.

“This gift from the Tempur Sealy Foundation will go a long way in helping us treat our most vulnerable patients at a critical point in their lives,” said Day. “A well-rested child is a happy, healthy child, and this gift helps us further our mission of delivering high-quality, comprehensive care to children across the Commonwealth.”

The mission of the Tempur Sealy Foundation is to better the lives of children and families in need. Since its launch in 2017, the Foundation has donated nearly $700,000 to charities that support this mission.

Kentucky Children’s Hospital, part of UK HealthCare, is the region’s only Level I pediatric trauma center and Level IV neonatal intensive care unit. It has more than 30 advanced subspecialty programs such as pediatric oncology and pediatric surgery.