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ANGEL’S ENVY furthers commitment to sustainability

By The Bourbon Flight

LOUISVILLE, Ky. ANGEL’S ENVY®, the Louisville-based craft distiller that produces small-batch, finished whiskeys, is furthering its commitment to a sustainable barrel supply chain through its eighth annual Toast the Trees initiative this September.

The company in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a portion of the trees from this year’s initiative on a private farm straddling the Meramec River in Dent County, MO that supplies directly to its majority barrel provider, Independent Stave Company. Additionally, ANGEL’S ENVY will work with Green Forests Work in conjunction with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a portion of this year’s trees on its own land in Henry County, KY for future use in bourbon barrels.

White Oak Tree

“As bourbon continues to gain popularity, it’s more important than ever for us and others in our industry to find ways to create sustainable production cycles that will help our industry thrive for generations to come,” said Wes Henderson, ANGEL’S ENVY Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer.

“By closing the loop and planting trees that will someday make their way back to Independent Stave Company as barrels, it’s exciting to think that, through Toast the Trees this year, our fans could be playing a part in creating the barrels used to produce Angel’s Envy in the future.”

ANGEL’S ENVY’s 2021 Toast the Trees planting goal is 65,000 white oak trees – an increase of 15,000 from last year’s goal of 50,000. While a portion of the trees from this year’s campaign will be planted on private lands for future use in barrels, the remainder will be planted with Green Forests Work and the Arbor Day Foundation throughout eastern Kentucky and the surrounding Appalachian areas to support reforestation.

As the Toast the Trees program continues to grow, ANGEL’S ENVY plans to increase the percentage of tree plantings that will specifically support a sustainable barrel production cycle.

“Partnerships like this are not only fun, but they also contribute a significant boost to our overall mission,” said Dan Lambe, president of the Arbor Day Foundation. “It is truly inspiring to work with a partner like Angel’s Envy, as they continue to answer the call for further responsible business practices. They are striving to go above and beyond in their own pursuit to become industry leaders for sustainability.”

For more information about how to enter, how to support the program, or ANGEL’S ENVY’s ongoing commitment to sustainability in the bourbon industry, please visit angelsenvy.com/#toast-the-trees.

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