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New Release: Redemption Straight Bourbon Whiskey

By The Bourbon Flight

Before Prohibition, rye whiskey was America’s #1 spirit. Nearly lost for 100 years, Redemption is bringing back bold, spicy, ‘rye forward whiskey. Rediscover America’s original favorite.

Redemption A truly easy-drinking whiskey distinguished by its subtle rye-forward flavor, our bourbon has a rye content of 21%, giving it light but distinct hint of spice.  The rye bourbon is transformed into a sweet, fruity, and luxurious sipper, with notes of buttered pecan and stone fruits.


Made from the brand’s high-rye Bourbon recipe and finished for a year and a half in a variety of ex-Cognac casks from Maison Ferrand, made of French Oak with some casks dating back to as far as 1988. The unique finish draws out novel flavors of ripe grapes, dark plums, brown butter, chocolate chess pie, and roasted nuts. Aged for five and a half years and bottled at 99 Proof.

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9+ million barrels of bourbon are located in Kentucky + 4.5 million people live in Kentucky — that’s 2 barrels of bourbon for every citizen.