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New Release: Forrie J Smith Anthro Series by Oak & Eden

By The Bourbon Flight

Forrie J Smith is a true cowboy, bold and strong. He is no stranger to a spirit of hard work and gratitude. From his life in the rodeo to his days as a stuntman in Hollywood to his role as Lloyd on the Paramount hit TV show, Yellowstone, Forrie is the embodiment of a character that has stood the test of time.

We partnered with Forrie to create a bold cowboy coffee-infused whiskey, crafted with barrel-strength Oak & Eden Bourbon and finished with a cold brew coffee-infused American Oak spire.

Birthed out of a collective love for creation, innovation, and inspiration, Joe Giildenzopf, Jamie Giildenzopf, and Brad Neathery pioneered a precious technique that would become the lifeblood of Oak & Eden; in-bottle finishing.

By paying homage to the old tradition of finishing whiskey with oak barrels, but cutting them down and giving them a twist, a spiral-cut piece of wood came to life. We call it the “Spire,” and it gives our whiskey a sanctified, set apart flavor and character. We boldly and humbly give thanks to our Creator and share our creation with you. May it inspire you to create.

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