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WKU Google Street View footage goes live

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (Nov. 2, 2012) — Western Kentucky University’s partnership with the Google Street View Program saw a major development Oct. 30 with Google’s release of comprehensive 360-degree imagery of WKU’s Bowling Green campus.

The release comes as part of a major upgrade to Google’s Street View program worldwide, which has recently expanded to include college and university campuses.  WKU embarked on the partner program in the summer of 2012 when two ground crews from Google visited campus for a week to collect exterior 360-degree images of campus from the street-level view.

“We wanted to give visitors to our website a bird’s-eye view of campus and Google’s Street View technology was a perfect fit,” said Corie Martin, manager of Creative Web Services for the WKU division of Public Affairs.

One Google Street View crew used a special camera-mounted vehicle to drive the perimeter of campus while a special camera-mounted tricycle traversed every accessible sidewalk and surface in the interior of campus so that site visitors could feel as though they too were standing on WKU’s campus.

“This is a great tool for alumni, campus visitors and international students who might not otherwise have a chance to come to campus. We are pleased to show the world the advancements and growth WKU has experienced in this forum,” Martin said.

WKU’s Street View footage can be accessed here.