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Four Kentucky counties receive $16.5 million to improve infrastructure

Twelve projects funded in Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, Trimble counties

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Four counties were awarded $16.5 million to deliver clean drinking water and improve sewer and water infrastructure from the Better Kentucky Plan’s $250 million Cleaner Water Program. The program is estimated to create approximately 3,800 jobs across the state.

Awards were presented to nine grantees to fund 12 projects in Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, and Trimble counties. The work ranges from water main extensions, pump station replacements, and upgrades to existing water infrastructure. A list of recipients, award amounts, and project descriptions are found here.

These four counties received the following award commitments:

  • Henry County: $592,224 to fund three projects;
  • Jefferson County: $14,079,994 to fund three projects;
  • Oldham County: $1,565,673 to fund three projects; and
  • Trimble County: $311,106 to fund three projects.

Funded by the American Rescue Plan Act and administered by the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA), $250 million was appropriated at the close of the 2021 General Assembly through a bipartisan agreement for clean drinking water and wastewater grants to fund projects across Kentucky.

The Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA) submitted the funding requests for these projects to the KIA. With the exception of Oldham County, the $16.5 million funding award uses the counties’ entire county allocation from the Cleaner Water Program.

Sample Projects
A $7,039,997 award to Jefferson County MSD will pay for a portion of a project to improve capacity at the Paddy’s Run Pump Station. The pump station, built-in 1953, has exceeded its useful life as needs have exceeded the capacity to best serve Louisville residents during flooding events. This project will upgrade capacity and install a discharge piping system over the existing levee. A new facility will minimize community, environmental, and safety risks. Paddy’s Run Pump Station serves 214,500 people, 70,000 homes, 6,000 businesses, and 40 neighborhoods.

“MSD is very appreciative of this investment in protecting public health and the environment through our vital wastewater and stormwater services that help ensure safe, clean waterways for the community,” said MSD Executive Director Tony Parrott. “The Cleaner Water funds will allow MSD to make significant upgrades at the Paddy’s Run Pump Station that protects 70,000 homes against flooding and sewer overflows during periods of heavy rains.”

In Trimble County, a $6,106 waterline extension project will make a drastic difference for five Kentucky households who will now have access to clean drinking water in their homes for the first time. Two of the homes utilize cisterns, while two other residences use two hand-dug wells. One of the residences that does not have water uses a creek for their water.

The Governor also awarded a $909,500 Community Development Block Grant to the City of Bedford to support the Bedford Wastewater Improvements project. This project was also supported by CWP funds and will replace three water pump stations to better serve more than 300 customers.

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