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UPDATE: Grimes continues to monitor election complaints; 65 lodged by noon

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Nov. 6, 2012) ‚ÄĒ¬†Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, in her capacity as chair of the State Board of Elections and the Kentucky Election Integrity Task Force, is continuing to closely monitor compliance with Kentucky‚Äôs election laws.

As of noon, the state board has fielded 65 inquiries regarding the election, including procedural questions, electioneering complaints, and allegations of vote fraud and vote buying:

Calls     County                Reason

1            Adair/Casey         Vote Buying

1            Bell                      Voting Machine

17          Jefferson              9 Procedural; 1 Vote Fraud; 3 Electioneering; 1 Other; 2 Voting Machine; 1 Election Official

1            Knox                    Vote Buying

2            Meade                  1 Other; 1 Vote Buying

1            Oldham                Other

1            Clinton                 Other

8            Kenton                  1 Other; 2 Electioneering; 5 Procedural

3            Bullitt                    2 Other; 1 Procedural;

1            Casey                    Electioneering

2            Franklin                1 Voting Machine; 1 Procedural

2            Hardin                  2 Procedural

2            Unspecified          2 Procedural

1            Pike                      Procedural

1            Christian             Procedural

1            Fayette                 Vote Buying

1            Grayson               Voting Machine

1            Cumberland       Voting Machine

2            Boone                  2 Procedural

2            Madison              2 Procedural

3            Campbell           1 Procedural; 2 Electioneering

2            Jessamine         2 Procedural

1            Letcher                Procedural

1            Rowan                Other

1            McCracken         Procedural

1            Bourbon              Other

1            Clark                    Procedural

1            Woodford            Voting Machine

1            Grant                   Procedural

1            Whitley                Procedural

1            Boyle                   Procedural

The state board addresses directly with local election officials many of the complaints it receives, including procedural inquiries. Allegations of criminal misconduct are forwarded to the United States Attorney and/or Kentucky Attorney General for potential investigation. Neither the state board nor the Aattorney general provides details regarding specific complaints or possible pending investigations.

‚ÄúVoters are the frontlines in protecting election integrity,‚ÄĚ Grimes said, ‚Äúand I encourage anyone who witnesses questionable election-related activity to contact the State Board at 1-800-246-1399.‚ÄĚ