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New Release: Union Horse Distilling Co. Reserve

By The Bourbon Flight

Union Horse Distilling Co. will celebrate its 10 year anniversary with the release of a special limited bourbon.

“These last 10 years have been truly amazing and we appreciate the support we’ve received throughout the Midwest,” Union Horse’s Damian Garcia says. “We’re very proud of everything we’ve accomplished and we look forward to continuing on our whiskey legacy well into the future.”

“Our process is the same as our Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey and the same recipe (mash bill) of corn and rye. This whiskey comes from the very first batches that we ever created here at the distillery. After the mash was cooked, fermented then distilled we laid the new make spirit down in new Missouri oak barrels that sat untouched for over 10 years. We just tapped into these barrels back in September,” Garcia says.

Established in 2010, Union Horse Distilling Company is a family-owned and operated, award-winning distillery in Kansas City. Midwest born from the finest ingredients, our unified drive and dedication is what inspires us to pioneer and create our unique collection of authentic, artisanal offerings.

Our family invites you to experience our handcrafted spirits, we know you’ll taste our difference in every sip.

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