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Foundation launches to support women in bourbon

By The Bourbon Flight

The Bourbon Women Association has created a non-profit foundation to fund educational opportunities for women in the industry. The new Bourbon Women Education Foundation will be tasked with raising and dispersing funds for opportunities, such as the Amber Circle training and leadership cohort program.

It will also support other educational opportunities that back women and people from diverse backgrounds in the alcohol industry and related sectors.

Rebecca Quick donated the seed money to start the foundation in memory of her daughter, Dr. Rhonda Quick of Tucson, Arizona, US.

Dr. Rhonda Quick died on 17 March 2019 and was a strong supporter of the association, attending various events.

Rebecca Quick and her sister, Regina Quick, are still involved in the organization. Regina Quick will be the first chair of the foundation’s board of directors.

Heather Wibbels, the board chair, said: “Bourbon Women is so appreciative of the support of the Quick family. Their bequest and their leadership will allow Bourbon women to further support all women both within and outside the spirits industry.”

Earlier this year, the Bourbon Women Association created a scholarship program to support women and underrepresented communities.

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