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Create trust, sales follow

By wmadministrator

For years I have employed this sales law: If they like you, and they believe you, and they have confidence in you, and they trust you – then they may buy from you.

The customer bought because they trusted you. But in order for you to gain that trust, they first had to like you and believe you and have confidence in you. If those three elements were not present, trust (or trust enough to purchase) would not have followed.

CAUTION: There’s a variation of this law. In sales, trust or no trust, sometimes customers will just take the lowest price. Avoid these people.

Trust is based on initial feelings and perceptions by the prospective customer – value perception being a huge one. If the prospect feels value, they will begin to believe, have confidence and maybe even purchase.

Relationships are based on trust. They’re based on a past history of performance. Trust is not given. Trust is earned. And trust is not earned in a day; it’s earned day by day.

Think of the people you trust and ask yourself why you trust him or her. Reliability? Consistency? Long-term friendship? A giving person? A truthful person? An understanding person? A person whose words, thoughts and deeds you’ve come to rely on and depend on in times of need? Is it someone who performs these things for you without any motive? Without any agenda?

Many of the answers you come up with as to why you trust others can lead you to your own game plan to become trustworthy.

Here are some simple elements of trust that you must master in order to make it possible for a relationship to blossom:

Tell the truth. Once truth has been violated, trust evaporates and may never return.

Deliver what you promise. People hope and expect you to deliver on promises.
Do what you say you will do. This is a test for being reliable and trustworthy.
Communicate in a timely manner. Rapid response shows you are responsible and that you care.

Bring value beyond your product or service. What you do to help others be more successful will be a true reflection of your character.
Be on time. Being on time shows you respect the other person’s time. It also proves your reliability.

Be friendly. Smiling people are the gateway to open communication.
Be sincere. This can only come from belief in what you do, loving what you do, and caring for others. Sincerity comes from within.

Be appreciative of their business. Showing and saying genuine thanks will not only build a relationship – it will enhance loyalty.

Be grateful for the opportunity to be of service. If you love to serve others, you will build trust with every action.

Be consistent. Trust is not a once in a while thing. It’s a constant thing. You can’t be friendly one day and rude the next. You can’t deliver one day and not the next. This element is the most difficult to master because it combines all the other elements.

Give trust. You become trustworthy by giving trust to others.
In sales, in business, and in personal relationships of all kind, trust is the critical element. It’s the glue that binds all the other elements together. Without it, the relationship will fade, diminish, or die.