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Big balloon build on the road

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A Louisville balloon professional has been selected from thousands of applicants to join an international team assembled to create a giant balloon world supporting Life Stories Child & Family Advocacy. 

Martha McCoy, the owner of Ah Whatta Bout Mimi, has been chosen as one of a select group of talented balloon professionals to participate in the highly anticipated Big Balloon Build. This extraordinary event aims to create a gigantic immersive Balloon World, utilizing more than 125,000 bio-degradable Gemar balloons, all to support a remarkable charitable cause, Life Stories Children & Family Advocacy. 

The Big Balloon Build mission is to make a difference in the world through the joy of balloons. They do this by partnering with charities around the world and working together. They provide a unique platform for raising funds and awareness in the communities globally.  

During the week of July 17th – July 24th, Martha will journey to Greeley, Colorado, dedicating her expertise and passion for balloons to contribute to the mission of the Big Balloon Build. This unique project, the largest of its kind in the state, will bring together a diverse team of creative minds to construct an awe-inspiring, space-themed balloon installation covering an area equivalent to two basketball courts! 

Life Stories Child & Family Advocacy, the beneficiary of the build, firmly believes every child deserves a life free from abuse in a safe and permanent home. By listening to and advocating for children who have experienced abuse and neglect, Life Stories is committed to creating a better tomorrow for our precious youth. 

“We understand that this is a challenging subject to address, but it is a conversation that needs to occur,” affirms Stuart Davies, Director of the Big Balloon Build. “Through this platform, we aim to raise awareness for this crucial cause, gifting the Build to Life Stories for multiple fundraising events. Davies said, “We are thrilled to have Martha join us for this monumental occasion. Her participation demonstrates the profound impact balloons can have on many lives, and we anticipate a truly extraordinary event supporting Life Stories.” 

This is the second Big Build for Martha, as she participated in a build in Kansas City last fall. Ultimately, her mission is to bring a Big Balloon Build to Louisville in support of children in the local area. “I love that I can use my talent to raise money and awareness for a cause that sadly affects so many children, and while I love helping in other areas, nothing would be more thrilling than to host a Big Build in Louisville and help change the lives of local children in need.” You can follow Martha’s journey on social media at Ah Whatta Bout Mimi, where she will be sharing captivating photos and videos documenting the progression of this incredible project. And hopefully, in the future, you will be able to witness a Big Balloon Build right here in Louisville!

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