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Kentucky Chamber unveils “Kentucky’s Winning Strategy” plan

FRANKFORT, Ky. — “Kentucky’s Winning Strategy” is the focus of a new plan released by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce that offers a vision for future workforce development, talent attraction, and business growth in the Commonwealth.

For Kentucky to achieve its fullest potential, the Chamber has laid out steps that include continuing to transform the Commonwealth’s tax code, building a world-class education system, sustainably investing in infrastructure, leveraging the strengths of our signature industries, improving quality of life, bringing growth to rural communities, and more.

Each of the ten steps in “Kentucky’s Winning Strategy” provides key goals for the Commonwealth’s future—a vision for economic opportunity focused on high-quality jobs and a rapidly-growing population and workforce.

A few of those goals include:

  • Kentucky is ranked as one of the top 10 states on the Tax Foundation’s Business Tax Climate Index
  • Kentucky moves from the bottom 10 states for workforce participation to the top 10
  • Population growth in Kentucky surpasses nationwide averages and competitor states
  • Long-term funding for infrastructure in Kentucky is sustainable and meets current and future needs of the state and local communities
  • Food deserts, health care deserts, broadband deserts, and child care deserts are addressed throughout the state
  • Kentucky’s bourbon and equine industries continue growing and bringing national and international attention to the Commonwealth
  • Disparities in key economic metrics, such as the unemployment rate, even out among urban and rural counties

“Among Kentucky’s business leaders, the question of Kentucky’s future is foundational,” the plan says. “Business leaders know well the value of creating a vision for success and crafting a roadmap for how to get their company from Point A to Point B. But having a vision for success is critical not only for companies but for individual communities and states.”

Learn more about “Kentucky’s Winning Strategy” at kychamber.com.

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