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The eICU that powers the newest floor at UK’s Chandler Hospital

A robust eICU network of IT capabilities powers the new ICU floor that opened in February at UK’s Albert B. Chandler Hospital.

LEXINGTON, Ky. — UK HealthCare’s Albert B. Chandler Hospital opened a new intensive care unit (ICU) floor in February with remote electronic monitoring abilities (eICU). Behind the scenes, University of Kentucky Information Technology Services (UK ITS) partnered with UK HealthCare IT and collaborated to install the infrastructure and network needed for the latest patient-centered medical technology.

Thanks to extensive planning, round-the-clock teamwork and communication, staff and patients experienced a seamless opening day on Sunday, February 4, 2024.

UK ITS Technical Project Specialist Wayne Campbell said it was crucial that the newly renovated and completed 12th floor hospital space functioned properly on opening day.

“Being ICU patients, you can imagine the importance of having all network services in A-1 condition and ready to perform,” Campbell said. “This was made possible by the efforts of several of our technical staff who did excellent work from beginning to end.”

The new Chandler ICU uses patient-monitoring equipment that allows communication between both patients and the medical staff.

For example, the ICU uses the GetWell Network, which is connected to the TV in the patient’s room. Campbell said by using a remote, the patient can “access portions of their medical records and review the care they’re being given.”

Another technology that relies on the UK network is Caregility. By using a camera on every bed, this technology makes it possible to monitor ICU patients remotely, which can notify the local nursing staff to intervene if necessary.

“Patients’ vitals can also be monitored by a doctor remotely,” Campbell said. “A doctor can be at home and can access this monitoring system on their own computer and check the status of their patients.”

Before medical devices and patient monitoring systems become functional, UK ITS oversaw cable and port installations, and then tested connections to equipment to various medical devices, among other things.

“Dale Kohler was the go-to tech for all things 12th floor in the few weeks prior to the move-in,” Campbell said. “He answered the call for issues with port activations, network troubleshooting, phones, Nurse Call, Philips Monitoring, wireless, GetWell Network, Caregility and building controls. In every instance Dale responded quickly, efficiently and professionally.”

In addition to medical devices and patient monitoring systems, a host of other services and equipment must be connected to UK’s network to function.

“Whether it’s patient monitoring systems, gas delivery systems or whatever it is, everything is built to be able to connect to a network and be monitored, and in many cases controlled through the network,” Campbell said.

UKHC IT Program Manager Bob Stokes worked with Campbell on the network installation at Chandler Hospital and made sure everything worked concertedly before the opening day.

“We had to work together to try to plan how we could do a phased approach,” Stokes said. “So, Wayne could come in and have his people do a certain part of the floor and get it ready for my team from the IT side to do their implementation work. This also helped us plan for some of the vendors that came in.”

On opening day, Stokes said team members were on standby in case any trouble shooting was needed.

“We had a command center that we set up, and the ITS team was part of that, as well as the project management team and several of the IT field services team,” Stokes said. “We also set up an open Microsoft Teams line where we were able to ensure that all the different groups were communicating.”

Thanks to teamwork between UK ITS and UKHC IT, patient monitoring systems and all equipment operating on UK’s network at Chandler ran smoothly without interruption on opening day.

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