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Cryogenic Processors to open 115,000-s.f. Paducah facility

Cryogenic Processors of Oklahoma is building a new 115,000-s.f. facility in Paducah that is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2024.

PADUCAH, Ky. — Cryogenic Processors will open a cutting-edge 115,000-s.f. cryogenic freezing and freeze drying facility to serve industries including food manufacturing, functional bacteria and cosmetics in Paducah in the fourth quarter of this year.

The plant’s capabilities will include a large freeze drying operation that will supplement its cryogenic flash freezing, ultra-cold storage and finished product packaging under one roof. 

Oklahoma-based Cryogenic Processors has cryogenic freezing capabilities and is now adding the freeze-drying operation to its portfolio to help overcome a shortage of freeze-drying capability in the United States. Manufacturers typically must ship their product long distances to undergo the freeze drying process. Cryogenic Processors will be creating a one-stop shop approach to the overall process, saving manufacturers significant funds by handing their needs in its strategically situated mid-country facility.

Paducah has a history in the freeze-dry sector. A May 2022 report on the sale of Dippin’ Dots ice cream of Paducah for $222 million to New Jersey based J&J Snack Food said then-Dippin’ Dots CEO Scott Fischer was owner of Cryogenic Processors.

“This state-of-the-art plant will not only enhance our production capabilities but also allow us to offer more comprehensive services to our clients,” said Kevin McClain, vice president and general manager. “This one-stop shop for cryogenic freezing, drying, packaging, storing and shipping will be an innovative and efficient solution for the needs of numerous different industries.”

Cryogenic Processors utilizes contact cryogenic freezing capabilities as well as cryogenic pelletizer technology, employing liquid nitrogen and innovative machinery to process materials into beaded or granular form. This same technique is utilized by the iconic snack brand Dippin’ Dots to process its ice cream into small beads that are kept at subzero temperatures.

With 30 years of innovation and improvements, pelletizing technology has been improved and adapted to meet the unique needs and requirements of food and nutraceutical companies around the world. The pelletizing freezing method offers efficiency, consistency and high capacity with low processing loss in a compact package. Cryogenic Processors currently utilizes pelletizer technology at its first facility in Nashville, Tenn., and will scale its operation and offerings with the new Paducah plant.

The new Paducah facility was designed to set a new standard in the freezing industry and expand freezing capabilities to a broader range of products. It will feature three isolated pelletizing rooms, each equipped with advanced blending systems and a standard conical pelletizer with an increased capacity of 1000 kg/h. Once pelletized, storage will be available at temperatures as low as -60°C (-76°F).

The upcoming facility represents a commitment to innovation, quality and customer service, according to the company. By providing a one-stop solution for cryogenic freezing, freeze drying and packaging, Cryogenic Processors serves companies exploring flash freezing food, functional bacteria, flavorings, protein isolates, cosmetics and more.

Cryogenic Processors provides contract cryogenic freezing capabilities and pelletizing equipment design. Its Nashville facility is FDA registered and USDA compliant.

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