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$25.6M KY 555 parkway contract is first under 2024 Ky road plan

Haydon Materials awarded job for summer construction of Heartland Parkway corridor
The Kentucky Heartland Parkway project will create an upgraded connection between Bluegrass Parkway and Cumberland Parkway.

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Haydon Materials LLC, which made the lowest bid for the KY Highway 555 Parkway corridor project to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, has been awarded a $25.6 million contract. It is the first contract awarded under the new 2024 road plan, House Bill (HB) 266.

The bill was championed by the Kentucky General Assembly and was recently signed into law by Gov. Andy Beshear with an emergency designation on April 9. The bill went into effect immediately.

The project aims to enhance transportation efficiency and reliability across the Heartland Parkway corridor and boost safety measures. This initiative is essential because the Heartland corridor is a critical link between the Bluegrass Parkway and Cumberland Parkway in central Kentucky. Most of the corridor encompasses KY Highway 55 and US Highway 68, including two newly developed bypass routes. The final segment, KY-555 in Washington County, will finalize this connection. Learn more HERE.

A recent release from the Senate Majority Caucus outlined funding secured by Senate Transportation Chair Jimmy Higdon, R-Lebanon, and Rep. Kim King, R-Harrodsburg, to support various projects in Washington County, including the KY Highway 555 corridor project.

The purpose of the project is to improve mobility and make travel time more efficient and reliable along the Heartland Corridor, while improving safety. The project is needed because the Heartland Parkway is
a heavily traveled connector between the Bluegrass Parkway and Cumberland Parkway in Central Kentucky. Most of the corridor has been constructed along highways KY-55 and US-68, including two new bypass
routes. The remaining portion, KY-555 in Washington County will complete this connector.

A Senate proposal was approved in HB 1 to leverage $450 million of Kentucky’s $3.7 billion budget reserve trust fund (BRTF) to boost the state road plan

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