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Workforce-optimizer Red e App rebrands to Workrede

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Labor-optimization innovator Red e App is now Workrede. The change in company name reflects a logical shift up-market for an enterprise-wide communications pioneer. Workrede is a pathway to transform organizational communication from top to bottom and extract unrealized value.

“Our historic shift to Workrede is reflective of the modern, mobile workforce,” said Jonathan Erwin, CEO, Workrede. “Over the past 30 years, trends have focused on desktop workers with little regard for the power of mobile work, frontline workers and the mobile ecosystems that create organizational value. Employers taking the next step to consider the relationships, behaviors and needs of those workers will derive new levels of workforce optimization. It’s the next frontier of employee engagement and culture.”

Founded in 2011, Workrede is the first technology platform to embrace the frontline worker and empower the non-desk workforce. Utilizing data, partnerships, and design, the company expanded by improving avenues for engagement, workflow automations, and management of the mobile workforce. 

Today, Workrede leverages a shift in the way companies assess their human capital, manage work tech, and make decisions with the help of data and AI. By consolidating existing enterprise platforms and a suite of Workrede features, employees now have a centralized resource for effectiveness.

Large and small companies across a spectrum of industries are leveraging technology to enable change. Likewise, service, hospitality, and healthcare rely on large, diverse  employee populations; potentially across a broad geographic footprint. 

“Our team is excited to embark on this next part of the Workrede journey,” said Erwin. “We recognize the opportunity to unlock the human elements of business and further extract value from the existing functions and resources available to working teams everywhere. 

Founded 2011 by Jonathan Erwin, Workrede is a pioneer in mobile workforce optimization through communication, workflow and data. Workrede transforms organizations by maximizing workforce effectiveness through extraction of unrealized value in new and data-driven ways. The platform utilizes powerful enterprise technology purpose-built for the mobile age and delivered through an intuitive interface. Today, over 250,000 employees in hospitality, healthcare, construction and the industrial sector depend on Workrede to create connection and engagement with their teams. Learn more at www.workrede.com.

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