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GE Aviation is Investing $51M in R&D Center at University of Dayton

By wmadministrator

GE Aviation’s new R&D center on the University of Dayton campus is expected to operational by the end of 2012.

GE Aviation has begun construction on its new $51 million Electrical Power Integrated Systems Research and Development Center, which is being built on eight acres on the University of Dayton campus.

“Without a doubt, it’s extraordinary for a Fortune 100 corporation to build a multimillion-dollar research facility on a college campus in today’s economic climate,” said Daniel J. Curran, president of the University of Dayton. “Our researchers will work side by side with GE scientists and engineers to develop electrical power systems and technologies. The applications are numerous — from next-generation power systems for aircraft to longer-range electric cars. Even smarter utility power grids for more efficient delivery of electricity.”

The center’s close proximity to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the University of Dayton Research Institute is important in order to provide significant new support to the Air Force Research Labs and the University of Dayton. The university’s researchers will work with GE to develop and deploy computer modeling, simulation and analysis of advanced, dynamic electric power systems design and controls.

The center will be directed at several markets, including end-to-end electrical power starter/generation, conversion, distribution, and load technologies for civil and military aerospace applications.

The 120,000-s.f. facility is expected to be complete by the third quarter of 2012 and operational by the end of 2012.