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New $4M HFL Sport Science Laboratory to Create 48 Tech Jobs

By wmadministrator

HFL Sport Science plans to begin processing samples for drug testing in February.

HFL Sport Science Inc. has opened a new laboratory that will provide drug surveillance, doping control and research to equine and other sports industries. The lab, which represents a more than $4 million investment, will create 48 new jobs, including 25 high-tech positions, paying an average salary of over $47,000, exclusive of benefits.

In March 2010, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission selected HFL to provide drug testing for Kentucky racetracks.   In addition to developing lab screening tests for fitness and nutritional health, HFL plans to provide services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.  The company also anticipates research collaborations with the University of Kentucky.

HFL’s parent company, HFL Sport Science Ltd, is based in the United Kingdom, and has more than 40 years of continuous experience in the science of sports doping control, including testing human and animal food supplements for substances prohibited in sports.  The company also delivers both operational screening services and research into prohibited substance detection.