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KEMI Teams With ABC on New Workers’ Compensation Program

By wmadministrator

Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance (KEMI) has partnered with the Associated Builders and Contractors of Kentuckiana (ABC) to launch a new workers’ compensation program that offers affordability for ABC members while also providing the resources and support needed to improve and maintain a safe work environment.

“Companies who demonstrate their commitment to workplace safety through the STEP (Safety Training Evaluation Process) Program will be eligible for KEMI’s preferred rates,” said ABC Kentuckiana President Billy Parson.
“This is an extremely valuable benefit to ABC’s members because by lowering their workers’ comp costs through a proactive approach to safety, they will improve their bottom line and ultimately be more competitive in the marketplace.”

In addition, implementing the STEP Program can eventually lead to a partnership between a company and the Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health program and will help reduce a company’s incidence rates, which can lower annual workers’ comp insurance premiums.

KEMI is the largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance in Kentucky, providing coverage to more than 20,000 policyholders. ABC of Kentuckiana is a full-service “merit shop” construction trade association.