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Kentucky PSC responding to more than 9,000 power outages

The following is a summary of electric power outages from the March 2 storms in Kentucky as of 10 am EST Monday, March 5, 2012. Compiled from reports submitted to the Kentucky Public Service Commission and utility websites. Additional outages are being reported from area not impacted by the March 2 storm, but that received several inches of heavy, wet snow this morning. Those are listed separately at the bottom of this report.
Total outages: 9,350
NOTE: This number may not reflect restoration efforts that have been completed but not yet reported, particularly from hard-hit areas such as Licking Valley RECC service territory, as well as updated damage reports from those same areas, including some that may be due to heavy snow this morning.
NOTE: These numbers do not include outages in areas served by any municipal utilities or by rural electric cooperatives in the Tennessee Valley system, Those entities are not required to report outages to the PSC.
Investor-owned utilities: 4821
Kentucky Power/AEP: 4821
Floyd 223; Johnson 809; Lawrence 685; Magoffin 609; Martin 1,235; Morgan 1,260
restoration estimates vary by county – some will be fully restored today; restoration of hardest-hit areas (Magoffin, Morgan) estimated to be completed by Friday 3/9 or Saturday 3/10
Rural electric cooperatives: 4,529
Licking Valley RECC: 4,000 (as of 3/4)
No numbers by county – largely Magoffin/Morgan
No restoration estimate
Owen Electric: 529
Campbell 124;  Kenton 155;  Owen 1;  Pendleton 249;
estimated full restoration late Monday 3/5
NEW OUTAGES reported as a result of 3/5 snowfall: 8969
Investor-owned utilities: 6,451
Kentucky Utilities: 6,203
Scott 2650; Franklin 2100;Woodford 785; Fayette 360; scattered outages elsewhere
Louisville Gas & Electric: 248
Jefferson 197; Oldham 51
Rural electric cooperatives: 2,518
Clark Energy: 2,518
Bourbon 362;  Clark 839;  Menifee 478;  Montgomery 569