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100-mile long pedestrian “Louisville Loop” unveiled at Waterfront Park

Big Four Bridge marks beginning and end of anticipated 100-mile shared-use path; new signage encourages citizens to explore the Loop!

LOUISVILLE (March 7, 2012) – A Waterfront Park gathering Wednesday celebrated the unveiling of the Louisville Loop’s Big Four Bridge trailhead. The site marks the beginning and end of the anticipated 100-mile multi-use path that will connect the city. The Loop’s mile-marker zero is located at the base of the Big Four circular ramp which will soon be a pedestrian and cyclist path across the river.

Mary Lou Northern, senior adviser to Mayor Greg Fischer for the Louisville Loop, unveiled the new trailhead sign, one of six trailheads erected so far along the 23 miles of existing Loop, making it easier than ever to enjoy walking, running, or cycling along the path.

A new signage system includes trailhead markers, interpretive and directional signs, offering information about nearby attractions and amenities. New mile-markers placed every quarter-mile along the Loop help people measure and mark their wellness activities. The mile-markers make it possible for emergency and safety services to better locate individuals on the Loop in the event of an emergency.

Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness director, Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt, was also on hand to celebrate the new Loop signage and amenities. “In Louisville, we have the Loop and an amazing parks system where families can enjoy playing and being physically active,” said Dr. Nesbitt. “Physical activity really is the wonder drug – people who are physically active improve their mental and physical health in many ways. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the Loop and all our beautiful city parks.”

Members of the volunteer “Loop Watch” were recognized and praised for their work. The group is over 100 members strong and growing, trained to keep eyes and ears on the Loop and report any maintenance or safety issues. Also unveiled at the gathering was a new maintenance vehicle, dedicated solely for use on the Loop to help keep it clean.

Local health initiatives and the Loop signage system have been funded through a federal grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Visit the Louisville Loop online: www.louisvilleloop.org