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Council created to assist communities impacted by natural disasters

Will offer help in preparedness, response and recovery

FRANKFORT, Ky. (July 31, 2014) — Gov. Steve Beshear signed an executive order establishing the Council for Community Recovery and Resiliency or CCRR, a new group that will provide support, leadership and guidance to Kentucky communities drastically impacted by natural disasters. The CCRR will be administratively attached to the Department for Local Government.

The council will assist communities that suffer natural disasters, such as tornadoes.

During Beshear’s administration, Kentucky has suffered significant natural disasters — 11 of which have been federally declared natural disasters and warranted federal assistance.

“Kentuckians have faced an unparalleled number of natural disasters in the past several years — from devastating storms and tornadoes, to dilapidating droughts, to extreme snow, ice and flooding,” said Beshear. “Through coping with these terrible disasters, Kentucky has developed strong and effective response systems and implemented quality preparedness measures across the state. This new Council is another way for Kentucky to stay ahead of the game in natural disaster response.”

The council will serve as a main resource for communities before, during and after they are affected by disasters —helping them employ the best our state can offer in preparedness, response and recovery.

The CCRR will serve as an advisory and resource board for Kentucky communities, providing them with technical and financial expertise in preparing and responding to natural disasters.

Following a disaster event, the CCRR will convene to review Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Kentucky Emergency Management (KYEM) determinations and assist with community recovery planning.  The CCRR will help communities identify available technical and financial assistance through state and federal programs that will bolster both their short-term and long-term recovery efforts.  The council will also lead the development of a program and guidance for pre- and post-disaster planning for local governments.