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Kentucky laws get national attention

Added to list of suggested legislation for the rest of the nation

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Aug. 15, 2014) — A national gathering of state legislators and their staffs this week in Alaska recognized Kentucky for six pieces of legislation passed during the last two regular sessions.

kentucky_seal_resizedThe Council of State Governments will include six Kentucky laws (all but one of which were passed in 2014) to its annual list of suggested legislation for the rest of the nation. The complete list of suggested laws will be published in a booklet by the Council of State Governments this winter.

The Kentucky bills selected included measures to:

  • make the possession of cash registers altered to avoid recording sales, known as “tax zappers,” illegal (House Bill 69)
  • provided civil liability protections to engineers and architects who volunteer their services after a natural disaster or emergency (Senate Bill 74);
  • allow victims of domestic violence and sexual assault to remove their addresses from public voter registration rolls (HB222 – this legislation was passed in 2013);
  • allow victims forced into prostitution by human traffickers to take steps to clear their criminal records (SB 184);
  • automatically terminate parental and custody rights of anyone convicted of felony rape when the mother chooses to keep the child (SB 108);
  • require businesses to report data breaches of individuals’ personal information (HB 232).