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Ky.-based law firm establishes first online legal practice

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Lexington-based Hargrove Madden was named the recipient of the 2012 American Bar Association eLawyering Award.  This national award is given to one law firm in the United States every year to recognize law firms that have developed innovative delivery of personal legal services, with special attention given to firms that serve both moderate income individuals and the middle class.

“Some law firms have been reluctant to establish an online practice because they thought it would taint their prestige or negatively impact their bottom line,” said Jamie Hargrove, a founding partner in the firm who concentrates his practice in estate and trust law and is a certified public accountant. “In reality, it makes our expertise more accessible and expands our practice to a wider base of potential clients.”

Although Hargrove Madden is focused on high net worth estate planning in its traditional practice, the firm began its online legal service last year. The challenge was to incorporate the advantages of an online service while maintaining the quality of its traditional legal work.

Hargrove Madden did so by drawing on its work product, refined during more than 25 years of legal practice, rather than relying on standardized document templates created by a third party. It then spent months refining the templates with partners in the firm reviewing, revising and approving the templates.

The cost for online services is about 50 percent less than going through the traditional office visit approach. Other benefits include giving families the assurance of knowing the exact cost of the services to be provided rather than the traditional, open-ended arrangement of billing by the hour as well as offering them the convenience of not having to take off work to schedule an appointment in a law office.

To learn more about how it works, visit http://hargrovemadden.com/onlinepractice/.

Hargrove Madden’s Kentucky offices are located in Lexington and Louisville.