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Greater Louisville Inc. unveils new logo and branding

Updated branding, tagline reflects more focused mission; looks toward the future

GLI logo 2015LOUISVILLE, KY (February 17, 2015) – Greater Louisville Inc. shared the organization’s renewed mission to drive quality job creation and business growth in the region along with a new branding, logo and tag line at its Annual Meeting on Tuesday.

GLI President & CEO Kent Oyler  unveiled the details. The new mark and tagline reflect Greater Louisville Inc.’s dynamic future and evolution to a more focused and member driven organization.

Kent Oyler
Kent Oyler

“GLI’s mission is to accelerate economic growth, job creation and business competitiveness for our region.” said Oyler in his opening remarks before a gathering of nearly 1,100 business and civic leaders. Other speakers at the GLI Annual Meeting included Gov. Steve Beshear, Mayor Greg Fisher and Electrolux CEO Keith McLoughlin.

“We adopted a bold, no-nonsense look to reinforce the organization-wide commitment to building sustainable, innovative businesses. This change is far more than just graphics and marketing.” Oyler added. “The fleur-de-lis logo developed 18 years ago by Price Webber will always have a place in GLI’s history and now we have a bold new representation of the GLI of the future.”

The new tagline “In the Business of Business” clearly identifies the organization’s core mission. GLI is the only regional business leadership organization that is entirely focused on helping businesses succeed, whether they’re just getting their start or looking to grow.

Oyler emphasized that Greater Louisville Inc. is in the business of advocating for business-friendly public policies; making connections that power members’ growth; attracting more and better paying jobs; and championing a skilled and work-ready workforce. The organization continues to focus its efforts to ensure that their services benefit every business, in every neighborhood across a 15 county, two-state region.

Oyler also highlighted key elements of the Advantage Louisville 2020 strategy, a comprehensive 6-year regional economic growth strategy that focuses on 5 key goal areas: Economic Growth, Entrepreneurship, Workforce, Talent Attraction, and Regional Identity. In doing so he called on all private, pubic, and non-profit sector leaders to join with GLI and the Advantage Louisville 2020 strategy in advancing the region.

The goals for Advantage Louisville 2020 also address raising median wages throughout the region. Over the last 30 years, due to the decline in manufacturing and lower educational attainment, the region has lost ground on wages as compared to peer cities and the national average. Advantage Louisville leverages the resurgence in advanced manufacturing and the strength of the region’s core industries to attract, expand and retain high quality jobs. Along with a focus on increasing skill levels and educational attainment, especially in STEM and technology areas, the strategy seeks to generate tens of thousands of high-paying jobs that permanently raise the tide for every business and every person in the region.

GLI is well-positioned to represent all sectors of the business community with a bold new strategy and it was important to have branding that reflected the organization’s vision for the Greater Louisville region.

The new mark was designed as part of a board-led committee that evaluated member, investor and stakeholder input along with benchmarking against peer groups to set the new direction. In partnership with GLI Board members Sandra Frazier, Tandem Public Relations and Todd Spencer, Doe-Anderson the dynamic logo, “In The Business of Business” tagline and brand messaging were developed pro-bono. NIMBUS is assisting staff with the rollout of the new branding.

The clean look, bold font and addition of the brackets surrounding the GLI mark symbolize the organization’s key values – inclusion, clarity, transparency, relevance. They communicate the idea of bringing together business and civic leaders to improve the region’s economic prospects. The new brand look and logo will be integrated into GLI’s web site, printed materials and signage effective immediately.

“With the launch of the Advantage Louisville 2020 plan and new Advance Greater Louisville regional economic development partnership, it seemed a natural time to update our brand,” Oyler said. “We feel that it represents the high standard and values GLI has held since our inception.”