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PSC authorizes abandonment of Cedarbrook Sewer System

Serves 52 homes in Harrison County

FRANKFORT, Ky. (March 13, 2015) — The Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC) has authorized the abandonment of the Cedarbrook sewer system, a small utility serving 52 homes in southern Harrison County.

KPSC logoIn an order issued today, the PSC suggested that the recently formed Harrison County Sanitation District (HCSD) take over the Cedarbrook system prior to the April 30 date on which its owner is allowed to cease operation. HCSD has not said it is willing to do so.

If the HCSD and Cedarbrook cannot agree on a takeover by April 15, the PSC will ask a court to appoint the sanitation district as the receiver, or temporary operator, of the system.

Cedarbrook is not financially viable as a for-profit utility and its owner, R.A. Williams Construction Co., is no longer capable of providing service, the PSC found. The request to abandon the facility should be granted, the PSC said.