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Frustrations erupt at community meeting about West Louisville projects

Citizens say they are being neglected

LOUISVILLE (Aug. 7, 2015) — Tempers flared at the recent Louisville Urban League informative community meeting in West Louisville about two proposed projects that include anaerobic digesters.

Members of Seed Capital Kentucky and Nature’s Methane (the company that has agreed to build anaerobic digesters on the Food Port campus as well as one adjacent to Heaven Hill) accepted a request by Councilwoman Mary Woolridge to tell the community about their projects and also to entertain questions. However, a passionate and vocal audience articulated their frustration with how they feel West Louisville is neglected, citing these projects as examples of that. While outside people had posters and chanted “Black Lives Matter”, inside the projects were called a Trojan horse and were equated to another Morris Forman treatment plant and Rubbertown.

Representatives from the Food Port and Nature’s Methane gave overviews of their projects and the benefits they would provide. Many of the 50 to 75 audience members aired their frustration and anger over how they feel West Louisville is overlooked and not taken seriously.

“Wow, it was a very charged room and you could see the anger and frustration in their faces,” said Brian Zoeller, attorney for Nature’s Methane. “I thought this meeting was going to be about the facts, but believe it or not, after hearing all the remarks I get their frustration. With all the disparities and unkept promises made toward the people of West Louisville, I would be passionate too if someone new comes to my neighborhood promising to do right. I just hope over the coming weeks, that those who are really concerned will take a serious look at our plan, and what we are proposing. I think they will see we have been honest with them and that our projects have real value,.”

Additional meetings have been scheduled and are being hosted for Nature’s Methane by Councilman David James and Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton (the council members whose district the projects are proposed) for next week. Nature’s Methane will meet with the BOZA on Aug. 17 in an effort to move their projects to fruition.