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St. Elizabeth Healthcare to assume lease of METS Center from NKU

Erlanger, Ky. – St. Elizabeth Healthcare will assume the lease of the METS Center from Northern Kentucky University and will begin managing the facility for its training and professional development needs beginning Dec. 1.

NKU will end its long-time lease on Nov. 30 of the METS Center, which is operated by Corporex.

NKU President Geoffrey S. Mearns sited two reasons for the decision, one being the university subsidies required to maintain METS Center and another being St. Elizabeth Healthcare expressing interest in utilizing the facility.

“With our full support, St. Elizabeth engaged in negotiations with Corporex, which owns the METS Center,” Mearns wrote in an announcement. “As a result, I am pleased to share that St. Elizabeth Healthcare will acquire the lease of the METS Center and develop a dedicated training and professional development facility for its associates.  We value our partnership with St. Elizabeth, and we believe that this new use of the METS Center will be a substantial benefit to our community.

Working closely with NKU and other community partners, St. Elizabeth Healthcare saw this as a great opportunity to utilize this center for a dedicated education and professional training space for its associates.

With the larger space, St. Elizabeth will be able to create more simulation labs where its clinical staff will encounter replicated, real-life scenarios that they face on a daily basis in the hospital and emergency medicine settings.

“As healthcare needs continue to grow, so do the services and training facilities required to continuously train and educate healthcare staff,” said Garren Colvin, St. Elizabeth President and CEO. “This agreement with the METS Center not only complements the work and vision of NKU’s new Health Innovation Center, but will also serve as that next-step of continued education and training space for healthcare professionals after their degree is complete and they are working in the healthcare setting.”

Events occurring at the METS Center prior to Nov. 30 will occur with no change or interruption. For events occurring after Nov. 30, both NKU and St. Elizabeth are proactively working with clients to find suitable alternative event locations that will meet the event needs.