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Partnership brings high-speed Internet to Green County

Officials expect an increase of businesses, jobs in region

GREENSBURG, Ky. (Oct. 12, 2015) — Glasgow-based South Central Rural Telephone Cooperative has been working for the past 18 months to deploy high-speed fiber services to Greensburg and Green County. In September, a South Central Telecom business office officially opened in Greensburg. South Central Rural Telephone’s fiber network expansion makes Greensburg one of the few cities in the state, and even the country, where one-gigabyte symmetrical service is available.

scr“Having such a high capacity and stable broadband service will give us the opportunity to market our community to a larger market of possible businesses and industry, especially in-bound and out-bound call centers,” said Greensburg Mayor Lisle Cheatham.

Previously, cable television and Internet subscribers in Greensburg were restricted to a maximum of 25Mbps down/3Mbps up internet speeds. With SCRTC’s expansion of service to Greensburg and Green County, subscribers can get up to 1GB symmetrical service or 100 MB symmetrical service that includes video and phone service.

Southwestern and northwestern parts of Green County already had SCRTC service. This expansion to include Greensburg and Summersville is an important milestone in SCRTC’s long-term plan to provide services to their already nine county service area. SCRTC will continue to work to expand service along U.S. 68 and KY 61 to connect to existing service in LaRue County.

SCRTC plans to continue their service expansion to all of Green County in the future; spending $10 million per year at a cost of $30,000 per mile to expand services to the coop’s area.

“This means jobs for the county and the ability to attract businesses [to Green County] because very few places in the country have the capabilities of our system,” said David R. Davis, SCRTC general manager. “City and county officials, and those involved in economic development, can use this as a tool to recruit businesses.”