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Want to work for the Bevin Administration? There’s a website for that

Frankfort, Ky.  – Governor-Elect Bevin’s Transition Chairman Mac Brown has announced the launch of a web site for those interested in applying for non-merit positions within the Bevin-Hampton administration.

“This is an exciting time for our state. This new administration is offering a fresh start for Kentucky,”Brown said. “We are looking for highly qualified individuals willing to do the hard work needed to bring positive change to Kentucky.”

The site – www.bevintransition.com – contains a comprehensive web-based application where applications can be submitted for the hundreds of unclassified, non-merit jobs that will be available.

“Governor-Elect Bevin has set forward three criteria to look for in candidates – character, competence and commitment to the Commonwealth,” Brown said. “We hope people across the Commonwealth will express interest.”

The web site makes clear that all qualified applicants are welcome. Governor-Elect Bevin realizes that there are highly qualified people registered in both political parties and as independents. Applicants will be reviewed for their qualifications and experience as well as for personal integrity and demonstrated commitment to the policy objectives of the Bevin Administration.

During the period of time preceding Governor-Elect Bevin’s inauguration, this web site is being operated by the Bevin non-merit Personnel Advisory Committee (“Committee”), a group of volunteers selected by Governor-Elect Bevin to assist him in the recruitment and selection of individuals for non-merit employment positions. The members of the Committee receive no compensation for their services.

The web site also includes a scheduling request form for those requesting the presence of Governor-Elect Bevin and Lt. Governor-Elect Jenean Hampton at events or meetings. The Bevin Transition web site will also contain a form for qualified individuals seeking to apply for boards and commissions appointments. For more information go to: www.bevintransition.com.