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VIDEO: Janet Jackson re-posts UK dance team’s ‘Rhythm Nation’ routine at Rupp Arena

Can be seen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Dec. 18, 2015) — Rupp Arena and the UK Dance Team recently collaborated on presenting a “Rhythm Nation” dance routine at a home basketball game, promoting the upcoming Janet Jackson “Unbreakable World Tour” coming to Rupp Arena on Jan. 30, 2016.

It turns out the video was seen by Jackson, whose PR team posted it on all her social media sites: Facebook (2.82 Million Fans), Twitter (3.26 Million Followers), Instagram (364K Followers), Google Plus and others, reaching over 6 million followers.

The dance routine, choreographed by Shandon Kolberg Perez, was performed live during halftime at the UK vs. Arizona State home game on Dec. 12 at Rupp Arena, with information about the upcoming concert displayed on Rupp’s new ribbon board.

The routine was filmed and edited by Rupp Arena and subsequently posted on the Rupp TV video channel to promote the upcoming concert, as well as shared on Rupp’s and UK Dance Team’s social media sites.

“This is absolutely incredible… it’s not even the number of people it reached but the fact that it was Janet Jackson that saw it,” said Dawn Duncan Walters, head coach of the UK Dance Team.

The 26-member Varsity team, coached by Walters, with assistant coaches Erin Acevedo and Andrea Masters, will perform the routine again at a Rupp Home game in mid-late January. The junior varsity “White” Squad will perform the routine at the UK Hoops game this Sunday.